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Angels Always There
Whenever I'm in fervent prayer
I feel God's holy angels there;
Protective, loving, and serene;
Who stay nearby, tho yet unseen.
Thus, when I feel my heart might break,
I try to smile for Jesus' sake;
Whose angels let my faith not dim
That I might see the smile of Him!
~Sancie Earman King~


Original Artist Lena Lui

Your Guardian Angel
Have you thought about your angel?
You have one you must know;
He's ever near to watch you
As you bend beneath life's blows!
I saw him as early as the dusk
Was melting out day's light
And knew that he was close at hand
To guard me through the night.
In moments when I need him
He's always by my side;
Without him - I'd be destitute
He's my ever faithful guide.
So, give some praise to Heaven
For angels that are sent
And be assured -
they'll stay with you
'Til life's journey comes to end!
~Kathryn Wiesenhoefer~


Outside the open window
The morning air is all awash with angels.

~Richard Wilbur~


Angels descending,
bringing from above,
Echoes of mercy,
whispers of love.

~Fanny J. Crosby~

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